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Cytokine Therapy

Cytokine Therapy uses signaling molecules in cliniCal practice for the repair of damaged tissue and to induce healing in most pathophysiologies.

Cytokines are signaling molecules that include growth factors and interleukins. These molecules are proteins that send signals to cells where repair usually begins. At the cellular level, cytokines organize the cellular tasks; they give the repair orders that cause a cascade of metabolic pathways that reach from the cells to the tissues and organs. The combination of cytokines will determine the type of repair, which relates to the condition at hand, and the expression of cytokines in that particular pathophysiology.

Advances in technology have provided the means to map the expression of cytokines in different pathophysiologies. Leader in the field, Dr JO Serrentino has decoded these pathways and developed Cytokine Therapy that can be applied practically to impact repair mechanisms.

There is much interplay between cytokines; they work in combination for specific effects. Combining cytokines is basically like writing a computer program. It is the specific combination that has the properties to instill an intercellular program that will guide cells into differentiation and mobilization towards programming physiological responses.